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I am a wife, mom of 2 boys, Noah and Bryson, and MDiv student. I have found that we all need grace. It is most often when we don’t deserve it. Compiled in these pages are moments where I didn’t deserve revelation, truth and mercy but I received it anyway. I hope you receive an endless amount of undeserved grace.

Brittany Taylor

I have always been a doer, a “mover and shaker”, as my mom says. It is not something that has benefited the people around me. I may get my “to do” list done but my love and mercy was D.O.N.E. My striving left me as empty as my list of things to do at the end of the day. I spent most of college ignoring people so I could get things done. Was in a marriage that ultimately died because I was so preoccupied with tasks. Had no friends that knew me or they gave up trying because I gave nothing back. In 2010, I stopped and surrendered to one word…rest. I find it the most impossible thing for me to do on a daily basis, yet God’s “unforced rhythms” is the beckoning and woo of my life.

“God can’t do when you are too busy doing.”

Joseph Prince

Sometimes we just need to ask the right question. I was not only getting in my way, but totally inhibiting God. In 2010, I quit, like a real quit. Surrendered all of my theology and pursuit to one mission: rest. 

I have changed a lot in 10 years. I have a lot more to change. However, this pursuit of rest intertwined with grace and love is worth every moment of relinquishing and surrender.

Within these pages, you will find…

  • Faith to let go.
  • Focus on Christ in you, the Hope of Glory.
  • Permission to be vulnerable.
  • Excitement for scripture. 

Share your comments, follow, subscribe or remain anonymous. Just stay and get what you came for. The spirit does the work. Brake anytime you need a break!

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