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My conversation with God today…
ME: I want to give up. God, I just want to quit. Please, get me out of this?
GOD: You don’t have to quit.
ME: I did last time and it made me feel better.
GOD: For a moment.
ME: This one is too hard.
GOD: Do you really want to quit?
ME: No
GOD: What if I told you that the situation can change?
ME: I would like that very much but how?
GOD: You don’t have to quit because you hold the power to change the situation.
ME: Don’t you just miraculously change things?
GOD: Yes
ME: So do that…
GOD: I have…in you.
ME: (silence)
GOD: (silence)
ME: For this situation to change, I need people to change. You and I know that is not happening.
GOD: Then the situation will definitely change.
ME: How?
GOD: Because you will change.
ME: How?
GOD: Through me
ME: (silence)
GOD: This is an opportunity for you to change. When you change the world changes. Let me change you into a person who does not care what people think. This is just one more step on the journey.
ME: The journey to what…
GOD: Knowing me more
ME: That is all I want
GOD: That is all I want
ME: I love you
GOD: I love you more
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