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Whew! The last few weeks have taken my breath away. In the last four weeks I have let go. I have surrendered. I have failed. I have cried. I have laughed. This is what happens when you choose to be free. It can be terrifying and blissful. I wasn’t happy and it was time to change that.

Ever feel like that? Ever feel that if you don’t change something, you are going to lose yourself or worse stop dreaming. Life was becoming habitual and mediocre. In simplest form, it was wrong. I was not living the life I was meant to live. It was easy and comfortable but in no way fulfilling.

Ever been in the wrong relationship or the wrong job and realize “this is not who I am”. If I don’t let go, I will lose myself. Sometimes salvaging who you were created to be is worth the risk. Sure, if you quit your job, you won’t have an income. If you break off that relationship, you will be lonely.

Are we staying in the wrong job or wrong relationship because we think God is not big enough to be our income and interrupt our loneliness? Do we settle for mediocre because we think we will fail? Of course, we will fail. We will utterly crash and burn…without Jesus. But, who lives on the inside of us? Who breathes a new reality, a new hope into our being? Who whispers our dreams? What voice is ALWAYS contradicting our insecurity and fear? That is the voice of truth telling you a different story. The voice of truth that says do not be afraid. Out of all the voices calling out your name, choose to listen to the voice of truth.


Your appetite for more is swelling within you. Your taste buds are desperately craving more.

If fear is your only obstacle, then you have nothing to fear. Power, love and a sound mind are your guide. Jesus destroyed, utterly annihilated fear at the cross. It has no place or power over your life. The anointed one and his anointing, Christ, lives within you beckoning you to a new reality of living in the kingdom and watching Him work in you.

The will of God is simple. It’s that dream within you that puts you to bed and wakes you for another day. It’s that constant thought that keeps you breathing. You seem to only be existing because that dream might be possible one day. In the meantime, you are busily serving a life that offers you no joy or life. If you have no dream or thought that intoxicates, you really have been in the wrong place for too long.

Jesus wants you to love your job and love your relationships. Trust me, if those two things are not in order than you are not happy. You can’t be. Commitment is a real problem for most of us. We are forced to be committed to a job and a significant other. When we are committed to the wrong person and the wrong job, we will begin to self-destruct. You know why you will self-destruct? It all begins with Jesus. Who we are IS Jesus. That is who we are as children of God. We receive Jesus as our way, truth and life. Our path to the Father. God sees His son when He sees us. When we are committed to something that is stifling our true nature in Christ, we will begin to deteriorate and wonder why we are not happy. We will try to change ourselves and modify to make a wrong relationship or wrong job work. You will tire quickly and grow extremely bitter because you are trying to do something in your own efforts to fix your life.

You cannot walk away from a wrong job or wrong relationship by yourself just because you are unhappy. That is why men and women are unfaithful or why someone doesn’t have money to pay their bills after walking out on the boss.

Be still and know that He is God. Wait and allow him to lift you on the wings of eagles as you let go from your way of doing to His way of done. Receive His ability to do the impossible. Letting go is slow. You have to grow and refuse to do it yourself. It is a process of receiving strength for your weakness and loving people when it is impossible. The reason why you are hating your job or wanting a way out of a wrong relationship is because you are not seeing that job or that person as Christ sees them. So, two things will happen, as you begin to see Christ in your relationship and in your co-workers you will either forgive and release them or forgive and change yourself. God rescues people all the time without removing them. He just changes them from the inside and they begin to love their spouse again or their job. He also rescues by removing and taking them from the pit to the palace.

Many of you are staying because you feel that it is your duty. Why would God make you do something that you hate and tell you it is your duty. Your duty is to love and be loved. Jesus loves through us. God wants you to be happy. Stop being religious when it comes to your happiness. Living in Him is only joy and when it becomes duty it becomes a prison.

You cannot make that decision to leave or to stay. You will fail at the decision and all will fall apart because you tried to make a decision when you had no right. You have no right to your life. It was freely given. Receive His abundant life to make the decision for you. If you feel like you need to make a decision, by all means, don’t. It will only cause you failure. Making the right decision always happens before you realized it happened. Most of the wrong decisions in your life were because you thought you were doing the right thing but in reality you were only doing it because it seemed right not because peace made the decision for you.

Colossians 3:15 says this from the Amplified Bible: “And let the peace (soul harmony which comes) from Christ rule (act as umpire continually) in your hearts (deciding and settling with finality all questions that arise in your minds, in that peaceful state) to which as [members of Christ’s] body you were also called [to live].”

There it is. God talks through peace. Peace is God saying “yes” and no peace is God saying “wait”. God took the confusion out of life at the cross. It’s in His son. You can trust yourself because who you are is Christ.

The grass is greener on the other side. We were promised a land flowing with milk and honey. Caleb and Joshua were not scared of the Philistines and Amorites in the land. They knew they could take the land. They knew God had defeated their foe. They knew it was a done deal.

Today is the beginning of the rest of your life.

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